2009. március 28., szombat


At the last week I was in Melbourne. The exhibition in Glen Eira Gallery was rather popular: thanks to John and Esther there were as many visitors as in a regular show in Hungary - or may be more. Here is a short part of Jeff Makin's article in the Friday Herald Sun (Etch to his own): Apart from Orosz's technical virtuosity as an etcher these prints are, in so many ways, art about the making of art. Perspective is often reversed. Inside becomes outside. Roads and mazes turn in on themselves. The end becomes the beginning in a sort of pictorial Groundhog Day. There are over 50 etchings, plus posters, in this exhibition. It comes at a time when there is a great resurgence of interest in realism and figurative metaphor on the local art scene, and should therefor prove to be quite influentiallast sentence.
And the last sentence: Unfortunately this exhibition is on for only a week, so be quick! In this week I am in Sydney. I am here to visit some exhibitions: Archibald Show in Art Gallery of NSW, Yayoi Kusamas show entitled Mirrored Years in MCA and I Walk the Line/New Australian Drawing also in MCA.

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