2009. április 27., hétfő


Today is the World Graphic Day. 27 of April is the anniversary of the founding of Icograda, the world body for graphic design (1963). It is a day to celebrate the profession of graphic and communication design.
Let me see what is on: I just received the catalog of the exhibition in Mexico selected and organized by Xavier Bermúdez: 120 carteles de finales del siglo XIX a principios del siglo XXI. See more here: http://www.bienalcartel.org.mx/expo_siglo_XX/galeria.htm
All The Art That's Fit To Print (and Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-ed Page - this is the title of a new book edited by Jerelle Kraus and containing some of my illustrations. Yesterday was the opening of the VIIth International Triennale of environmental posters "4 - Block" in Kharkov (Apr 26 - May 03). There is a poster show in the Kunstmuseum in Cottbus: Humor – Plakate aus aller Welt. (8 April – 28 June) – the catalogue arrived some days ago with my two posters....and my exhibition in Budapest (Gaál Imre Gallery) closed yesterday.

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