2009. október 15., csütörtök


AGI conference in Istanbul. The theme of the conference is “Beauty of Chaos”. The organizers write: this title represents the cultural cosmopolitism of Istanbul. I live with Anna in a hotel of Istiklal Caddesi that is the main shopping street of Galatasaray district. Well, this street is the embodied Chaos itself with vivid atmosphere and 24 hours trafic jam. The conference was held in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University located on the European coast of Bosphorus. Some of the speakers: Jeffrey Fisher, Marian Bantjes, Nancy Skolos, Alex Jordan, Vladimir Chaika, Michel Bouvet, Stephan Bundi, Henry Steiner, Peter Till .... This photo was taken at the opening coctail of "Unplugged Faces" exhibition at Milli Reasürans Gallery.

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