2009. december 9., szerda


Poem and poet from an anamorphic point of view
This is the title of the article published in an American math paper: Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. Abstract. Artists have many sources of ideas, just as they have a favourite medium. In this article, I describe how I used the work of Edgar Allan Poe as the source of inspiration for a mirror anamorphosis. I not only used his poem The Raven but also his essay The Philosophy of Composition to guide my creation process just as he did for the poem.
Keywords: mirror anamorphosis; art with double-meanings; geometry of perspective; visual art and literature; Edgar Allan Poe; The Raven.
You can read the full article in the web here.
My old math teachers in Kecskemét would be surprised. Let me dedicate it to them: Kun Gergelyné, Tóth Imre, Vass Gyula, Sárkány Ernő, Kalmár Sándor... and the first one: Sárika néni, thanks.

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