2011. február 26., szombat


Poster exhibition in Barcelona in Centre’d Art Tecla Sala: „Agitadors de conciencia gráfika compromesa” 160 works of fifty designers from 20 countries. Between 28th of January 28 and 27th of March. The posters will be exhibited in other Spanish cities too. (My Berlin, Volk and Europe posters are exhibited.)
11. International Triennial of the Political Posters, Mons (Belgium) till 30th of April. (My Iran Poster is exhibited.)
"Golden Bee 9." International Biennial of Graphic Design, Moscow Central Artists Hall (Chaumont, Iran, Book-week, Volk and "Plakátok" posters are exhibited).
"Hungarian karma": exhibition of posters of political, social and cultural topics created by Krzysztof Ducki, István Orosz and Péter Pócs. The posters are owned by the Danish Poster Museum, so the last opportunity to view the collection in Hungary will be at the Bakelit Multi Art Center (1095 Budapest, Soroksári út 164., building 18.) from 17. March to 15. April.
And a book: The Poster: 1000 Posters from Toulouse-Lautrec to Sagmeister by Cees de Jong is published by Abrams. This complete panorama of poster design from the Art Nouveau to the present covers all of the significant developments in poster design and introduces many important artists and graphic designers who ever created a memorable poster including a generous selection of contemporary work. (Hungarian participants: Mihály Biró, Anna Korányi Soós, Győző Szilas, László Moholy-Nagy, István Orosz, Mihály Varga.)
On the homepage of Arts et Mathesis in the February issue of Bruno’s column (Bruno Ernst) there is an introduction of my anamorphic works (in Dutch).

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