2011. június 11., szombat


The representatives of Hungarian and international animation gets together at the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival for the tenth time between 15-19 June. There will be quite a busy programme. Also, even for me:

My newest film, Chess! goes in the competition of short films in 15th of June (Wednesday) at the evening programme (7:30 pm).
The reconstruction, based on the recorded moves and a photograph retouched many times, of a chess game played one-hundred years ago. The political aspects of the match override those of the game: the two leaders of the Bolshevik party, Lenin and Bogdanov face each other. The animated film attempts, though in ironic manner, to do justice to Lenin, so that he somehow manages to get out of a tight corner in which he is threatened with checkmate and emerge the winner.
In the next day (Thursday, 16 June) at 5 pm a retrospective collection of my films will be performed also in the Theatre Hall of the Cultural Centre. If you come you can see these films: Toward the Salt Cellar (1978), Time Sights (2004), Mind the Steps! (1989), Private Nightmare (1980), Faces (1998), Ah, America! (1984).
On Friday evening (17 June) at 9 pm will start the opening ceremony of my art exhibition at the Ornamental Palace (local name: Cifrapalota). This exhibition will be opened till 7th of August.
"Self-pictures. Though none of them are real. They say everyone makes self-portraits even if they are landscapes, still lives, genre paintings or mere abstractions. Everything is a portrait of the self, no matter if the artist admits it or not. No matter if we believe him or not. Of course, for some time he keeps it as a secret and tries to appear objective: this is a forest, he says, or a heap of books, and that is a street corner. Then someone comes, blinks his eyes, steps back and spots the head. The face. Details of the personality.”
On Saturday (18 June) at 11am a presentation of new book: the Ambassador and the Pharaoh will be in the Cultural Centre in room nr. 32.
For more details please go to the website of the festival
Also chek out the best of KAFF and Hungarian animation here.

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