2014. április 11., péntek


A new book published by Thames & Hudson and edited by Paul M. Baars.
This comprehensive survey of optical illusions includes an astonishing range of images from ancient times to the present. Covering illusions of depth, inversions, vibration effects, ambiguous figures, camouflage, anamorphic art, tessellations and other visual brain-teasers, it presents examples from psychology, the popular press, the decorative arts, contemporary street art and the fine arts. 22 of my works are in the book in very honorable company: Arcimboldo, Dalí, M. C. Escher, Vasarely, Magritte, Liu Bolin, Jos de Mey, Oscar Reutersvard, John Pugh, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, etc.

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Fábri Péter írta...

Does that mean your name is "etc"? Excellent list of names, so you are among the greatest. I can only agree.