2015. október 30., péntek


The Small Graphics Circle invites all of you to a presentation by István Orosz on Nov. 3 on Tuesday. The location is the Auctioneer in Bedő House, Budapest VII., Erzsébet krt. 37. first floor, time: 5pm.
On the next day, (4th of November) the literary work of István Orosz will be the topic. His book The Ambassador and the Pharaoh (A követ és a fáraó) will be presented by Mary Illyés and The Chess Game on the Island (Sakkparti a szigeten) will be explained by Antal Babus, the director of The Manuscripts and Rare Books Department of OSZK. The location is the Makovecz hall in the Pesti Vigadó time:17 pm Nov. 4.
Two days later, on 6th of November (Friday) in Győr, in the frame of the Book Salon also The Chess Game will be discussed by Grászli Betti (Director of the local Museum) and the author. The presentation will take place on the podium of the National Theatre on 5 pm. (The otherwise unobtainable Chess Game on the Island will be available in both places.)

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