2015. november 17., kedd


Dora asks: is there still someone in Mexico who is not familiar with the construction of anamorphosis? I Report: fewer and fewer. In Guadalajara at the Hard to Find Studio the workshop is completed and I can say, masterpieces were created. Mirror anamorphosis, perspective anamorphosis, tabula scalata, anamorphosis with double meaning, etc...Thanks to Paula, to Camilla, to Adolfo, to Inti and of course to Oswaldo for the organizing. By the way, do you know, what is most important about the anamorphoses? That is the right point of view. The eyepoint. Well, one of the students tattooed himself a drawing of my eye-design, in order not to forget it. Not bad. This is Mexico, and such things can be really loved. For more photos click to the facebook site of Hard to Find.

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