2016. január 6., szerda


Footnote for my previous message: the poster columns (or advertising pillars) are called morris columns as well (French: colonne morris) named after Gabriel Morris, a printer, who held the concession for advertising in Paris in 1868. They are also called Litfaß columns (German: Litfaßsäule) named after the German printer and designer Ernst Litfaß, who installed the first 100 pieces in the city of Berlin in 1855. The first 60 poster pillars appeared in Budapest in 1888, they were the Emmerling pillars (Vilmos Károly Emmerling was the owner of them). I made the post (Columns in Danger) and I wrote this footnote, because  the poster columns are started to be removed from the streets of Budapest as a result of a stupid political fight.

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