2008. november 29., szombat


A message from America written by the Exhibition Coordinator of Museum of American Illustration: Congratulations! The following pieces have been selected to appear in this year's Illustrators 51 Book and Exhibit: Istvan Orosz "Darwin".The drawing was made as the poster of the New York Botanical Garden’s “Darwin’s Garden - an Evolutionary Adventure” Exhibition. I supose that the management entered the poster to the Museum of American Illustration. Good to know that they were satisfied.
I enclose some works that were exhibited in the same annual show in the previous years:

Title: Shakespeare Theatre. If we look at it straight, as we usually do in the case of a picture, we see a theatre in the sixteenth century with actors, audience, people looking around. On the basis of an old picture, that was made by Johannes De Witt in about 1596, the Swan Theatre must have been like this. If we step to the right side of the exceptionally wide panoramic picture and look at it from an acute angle from which the picture is seen as a narrow stripe, the elements of the theatre not only disappear but transform into the portray of Shakespeare. The building becomes a portray.
The title of the next picture is Mythology. I got the gold medal of The Society of Illustrators for it in 2001. I paste a short text that was written by Shigeo Fukuda Japanese arist about this work: The ruined structure, at first glance, appears to have stood resolutely for the entirety of its long but ordinary history, having made friends with the trees of natural providence. As I gaze at it, the whole scene resolves itself into a mystery of exceeding strangeness. One would of course assume that the nine circular pillars above support a probably quadrilateral roof. Looking at the base, however, there are only six square pillars standing in the tableau, and these hold up only the two farthest faces. An old tree, withered in place in the middle of the flagstone floor, might have the answer to the riddle.

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