2008. december 10., szerda

Anamorphic days

ANAMORPHIC ART at the London Knowledge Lab and the National Gallery, December 12 & 13 2008

A TECHNICAL & DEMONSTRATIONS SEMINAR Friday 12 December, 2.30–5.00pm, London Knowledge Lab, WC1N 3QS
This is an informal seminar moving from demonstrations of anamorphic art, including some new ideas to the technical aspects of resolving images in the computer and the mathematics of creating new anamorphoses.
Participants: Phillip Kent, István Orosz, James Hunt, John Sharp, Andrew Crompton.

Anamorphic pictures are usually described as distorted, amorph images that only get their meanings if you look at it from the right angle, or if you put on them a special mirror-object. Within my lecture, I'd like to present those anamorphoses of mine that are "meaningful" pictures in themselves, but if you look at them form a special angle, or if you put on them a cylindrical mirror, for example, another new meaning reveals which is independent from the first one.
Saturday 13 December, 10.30 – 4.00pm
Curious Perspective: Anamorphosis in Art
Unpicking The Ambassadors: Anamorphosis in Context Hans Holbein's portrait of The Ambassadors is an iconic painting, full of symbolism and references to the troubled religious and political context within which it was made. Hovering
in its foreground is one of the world's most famous anamorphic images, a skull which becomes recognisable when the viewer stands in the correct position at the side of the picture.
Speakers: Dr Louise Govier, Dr J V Field, John Sharp, James Hunt, Philip Steadman, Patrick Hughes.
P.s.: One of my other anamorphosis was published in the Poe Review:

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