2009. szeptember 20., vasárnap


Plakat Kunst Hof Rüttenscheid Fest 2009 from 18. – 20.09.2009
Essen, the "secret" capital of poster art in Germany. Since twelf years two museums of Essen, the "Plakatkunsthof" (Poster-Art-Yard) and the Deutsches Plakat Museum (German Poster Museum) award together the INTERNATIONALER PLAKATKUST HOF RÜTTENSCHEID PREIS (International-Poster-Art-Yard-Rüttenscheid-Prize) for the lifework of an international well known poster designer. In this year the prize was given to Allain Le Quernec. His exhibition was opened in Grillo Theater, and as usually, all the former „preistragers” were invited to the celebration and a lot of guests. As you can see in the photo Feliks Büttner (GER), Istvan Orosz (HUN), Kari Piippo (FIN), Niklaus Troxler (SUI), Alain Le Quernec (FRA), David Tartakover (ISR), Uwe Loesch (GER), Sandor Pinczehelyi (HUN), Sadik Karamustafa (TUR), Viktor Seroneit (PKHR), Ben Bos (NED), Waldemar Swierzy (POL), Melk Imboden (SUI), Rene Grohnert (DPME), Miecz Wasilewski (POL) Rene Wanner (SUI) were there.

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