2010. május 30., vasárnap


Exhibition in Gallery 9.
(from the opening speech by András)
...you can see some works by two artists, kindred spirits. The careers of Bill Ronalds and of István Orosz are parallel in many ways. Both of them draw with magical ease and with spectacular results. Both are interested in the secrets of nature and of mysticism. Both of them like illustration and have tried their hands in university education. Both of them find fault with two dimensions – and occasionally wander into the realm of objects. Both of them are much liked personalities, tend to be the prime movers of the artists’ organisations they happened to join. From now and then they seem to have swapped roles: Istvan sent illustrations for American monthlies, and Bill brought his students to Budapest to present European culture on the spot. But there are differences as well. Bill, for instance liked to design record jackets, and illustrated science textbooks. Even drove a taxi. István, on the other hand is interested in traditions, rather than in his own age. As if his all his career had been anchored in classical Antiquity. Despite all this, he designed the poster by far the most known in the history of Hungarian applied art, the one that is synonymous with the advent of democracy. And though he never drove a car with a meter, he published two volumes of poems – considered as ambitious in Hungary as driving a taxi in New York City. Both of them find the traditional art scene too restricted for themselves. Perhaps that’s why they the gaze the starry sky with such gusto from their own, respective country houses.
(András Török, an old friend of István, a new one of Bill)

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