2010. június 10., csütörtök


The International Poster Biennale located in Warsaw at the Poster Museum of Wilanow is the oldest and one of the most important and prestigious artistic event of its kind in the world. The first biennale was held in 1966. The 22nd one was opened in the last week. Four of my works are exhibited and one of them, entitled ”Volk” got the Bronze Medal. You can see the poster in a March note of the last year. One of the accompanying events of the biennale is the exhibition of the Hungarian Poster Association; it takes place in the Węgierski Instytut Kultury.
Some years ago, I was asked to design a poster for the jubilee 20th Poster Biennial in Warsaw – Posters are said to be the art of “here and now”. I wanted to describe this relationship in that poster.
An other news from America: my work is among the 100 finalists of the 2nd Chicago International Poster Biennial.
And one more poster news: School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents "Where Is My Vote? Posters for the Green Movement in Iran," an exhibition of political posters created in support of the protests in Iran that followed the 2009 presidential election. The exhibition is the first public viewing of the posters in printed form. Opened: 2010-08-30 - 2010-09

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