2009. január 15., csütörtök


I received tonight the sad news of the passing of the great Master of Illusion and great friend: Shigeo Fukuda. It happened suddenly. He was 76.

Dear friends, don't worry about him: Shigeo Fukuda is not dead. Only those can believe such nonsense who do not know his posters. Look at them again! The top is bottom, the outside is inside, the plane becomes space and the past future... Death? Come on! He is so much more alive: more perfectly than ever. In all our hearts...

I quoted his text about my etching Mythology in my blog-note of November 29.

(The photo was taken in Kyoto three years ago)

2009. január 11., vasárnap


23. January: Anamorphosis Day at the ArtBazis Gallery. My two lectures: Nothing but Confusion, How to Pull the ”Raven” out of the Hat? http://www.hungarianquarterly.com/no187/9.shtml
27 February: lecture in the University of Art and Design in Basel, organized by Annik Troxler. (Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Institut Visuelle Kommunikation)
29 Feb - 2 March: Berlin
3 March: Brussels: Poster exhibition in the EU Parlament. Lecture in the opening ceremony.
21 March: Exhibition in Budapest, at the Pataky Gallery with Márton Barabas and Erzsébet Katona Szabó
15 April: Poster Exhibition with Krzysztof Ducki at the Town Library of Győr.
16 April: Exhibition at Erlin Gallery, Budapest. Opening speach by Guy d'Obonner.
25 April: The Endless Band - Moebius Exhibition and Symposium in Győr
27 April: Chess action for the memory of a 100 years old strange photo: Vladimir Lenin playing chess with Alexander Bogdanov at Maxim Gorky’s villa in Capri between April 10 and 17, 1908. Here is the full game: http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1387603
1 June: Enschede: Exhibition and lecture in the Faculty Club of Twente University
7 June: Körzővel rajzolt víz (Water drawn by compasses) - premiere of the book of verses at the Hungarian Bookfest.
29 June: Closing of the poster show in Grillo Theater, Essen. (It was opened in last September.)
24 July: Leeuwarden, BRIDGES, an annual conference founded in 1998 and serving since then as an international platform for artists, scientists and scholars working on the interface of science, art and technology was held in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands from 24 - 29 July 2008. Some monumental and historical churches built during the Middle Ages and located in beautiful landscapes surrounding the city of Leeuwarden were the exhibit place of several
modern artists from the Netherlands and other European countries. (István Orosz (H,1951) Church Jorwert, Yvonne Kracht (NL,1931) Church Schalsum, Ulrich Mikloweit (D) Church Boksum, Koos Verhoeff (NL,1927) Church Blesum, Rinus Roelofs (NL,1954) Church Boer, Oscar Reutersvard (S,1915-2002) Church Bears, Gerard Caris (NL,1925) Church Zweins, Elvira Wersche (NL,1948) Church Waalse) http://www.bridgesmathart.org/2008/2008.html 2 August: Balaton cross-swiming with Kate and Marci.
9 August: International Puzzle Party at Hotel Budapest. Exhibition and lecture.
12-19 September: Tokyo, exhibition, lecture and presentation of animations.
6-12 October: Beograd, Balkanima Film Festival, and poster exhibition in Studentski Grad.
11-14 December: London. Anamorphic Days at the Knowledge Lab and the National Gallery.
Other exhibitions of the year: In memoriam Assisi Szent Ferenc, Szent Adalbert Központ, Esztergom; Möbiusz koncepciók, Győri Múzeum; Society of Illustrators Annual Exhibition, New York; Magyar Plakát Retro, Budapest Galéria; Nagykanizsa, Plakátház; Graphics Without Borders, Bucuresti, Academia Romana; Poster Biennial of Warsaw; Poster Biennial of Moscow; Prints by I.O., Aprópódium Galéria, Budapest; Ogaki Poster Biennial; Magyar Kinetikus Művészet, Pécsi Galéria; Fantasy and Satire in Contemporary Printmaking, San Francisco, Warnock Fine Arts Gallery; Plakátok – Posters, Pécsi Galéria; 1st Chicago International Poster Biennial; Estampe Européenne, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris; Téli kert, GIM; Képmutogatók, Budapest, Mai Manó Ház.

More events with more details are in the Hungarian blog: http://www.utisz-utisz.blogspot.com/

2009. január 1., csütörtök

Happy New Year!

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