Mind the Steps! (Vigyázat, lépcső!) 1989. 6 minutes. Is there any way to go out? A geometrical paradox and a political parable at the same time. Main Prize of „Mediawave” International Film Festival (Győr, 1991), Selected for the official program of "Berlinale" (Berlin, 1991). Selected for the "Best of Hiroshima" in the International Animated Film Festival (Hiroshima, 1991). Prize of the Hungarian film critics (Budapest, 1990).

Budapest ID-film 1992. 1 minutes.

The Garden (A kert) 1993. 6,5 minutes. A nostalgy trip in the enigmatic labyrinth of the passed childhood.

Cry! Sírj! 1995. 3 minutes. A quick time-travel from birth to death – and back

The Oceans (Óceánék) 1997. 60 minutes. (co-directors Ferenc Dániel and László Haris).

Black Hole – White Hole (Fekete lyuk – fehér lyuk) 2001. 4 minutes. Micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos in a never ending metamorphosis. Main Prize of the Art Film Festival (Szolnok, 2002)

Time Sights (Az idö látképei) 2004. 10 minutes.
Time and space are real beings, a male and a female. Time is a man and space is a woman. (William Blake) Main Prize of the Art Film Festival (Szolnok, 2002), Main Prize of the Animated Film Festival (Kecskemét, 2005).

Mazes (Útvesztők) 2007. 8 minutes.

Chess (Sakk) 2010. 7 minutes.

The Drawer (A rajzoló) 2014. 5 minutes

Towards to the Salt Cellar (A sótartó felé) 1978. 5,5 minutes. Film version of the short story by István Örkény. Selected for the official competition of the International Animated Film Festival (Annecy, 1978)

Private Nightmare (Álomfejtö) 1980. 7 minutes. A grotesque landscape of the socialist countryside.

Apocripha (Apokrif) 1984. 2 minutes (co-director László Haris). In the light-sensitive air / closed eyelids. Mother and son. / White hands and even whiter wrinkles. / Pieta and magic latern. (János Pilinszky)

Silence (Csönd) 1977. 5 minutes. In memoriam Endre Ady. The film was made for the centennary celebration of the Hungarian poet. Best First Film at the International Festival of World Animation (Zagreb, 1977)

Faces (Arcok) 1998. 4 minutes. (co-director Dóra Keresztes).  Forgotten faces have come down to us from the ages.

Magic (Garabonciák) 1985. 5 minutes. (co-director Dóra Keresztes). Lost visions, forgotten dreams, ancient images.

Moonfilm (Holdasfilm) 1978. 5,5 minutes. (co-director Dóra Keresztes). Animation on the musicalized poems of Sándor Weöres. Selected for the official competition of the International Animated Film Festival (Annecy, 1978)

Golden Bird (Aranymadár) 1987. 15 minutes. (co-director Dóra Keresztes). An animated film bazed on the narrative poem by János Pilinszky)

Ah, America! (Ah, Amerika!) 1984. 30 minutes. Animated documentary legend about the Hungarian exodus to America which went on from the end of 19th century till the outbreak of the First War. An upheaval that was the history of the nameless crowds submerged under the surface of official history. Award of the International Film Club Associations at the International Film Festival (Oberhausen, 1986) Award of the International Animated Film Festival (Espinho, 1987)

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