2015. május 14., csütörtök


Come to the Utisz Gallery on 20th of May. There will be the "Great Rhino Meeting". Just five hundred years ago, on 20 May 1515 arrived the first rhinoceros in Europe. That was the famous animal drawn and cut by Albrecht Dürer. I made some paraphrase of the Dürer woodcut and I want to show them on the anniversary in Utisz Gallery. Probably, if I finish, I can show a really new one too. So be prepared for a surprise! Let we meet in the Utisz Gallery at the Bedő House on 20th of May at 11am.

2015. május 13., szerda


The „Bedő House” is one of the most beautiful building in the centre of Budapest (built by Emil Vidor in 1903, for the Bedő family) In the building there is a mueum called House of „Hungarian Art Nouveau” (Magyar Szecesszió Háza) and an „Art nuovo cafe” (Szecessziós Kávézó). At the fourth floor of the building you can find the UTISZ GALLERY. Utisz or uses OYTIΣ, (pronounced: outis) (No one) is the artist's pseudonym of Istvan Orosz Hungarian painter, printmaker, graphic designer and animated film director. He is known for his mathematically and geometrically inspired works, impossible objects, optical illusions, double-meaning images and anamorphoses. In the four rooms of the apartment gallery there is a wide selection of his works. (Address: Budapest V. Honvéd utca 3. Utisz Gallery is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Press the doorbell button.)