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It was the night of Nov. 9, 1989. - My old memorial poster of the Berlin Wall. 

2019. október 29., kedd


News from Tyumen - Siberia. Завтра, 30 октября, в Музейном комплексе имени Словцова открывается выставка "Иллюзия в графике и плакате"венгерского художника, иллюстратора и плакатиста Иштвана Ороса. Начало в 18 часов.
Tomorrow, October 30, at the Slovtsov Museum Complex, the exhibition "Illusion in Graphics and Poster" opens by the Hungarian artist, illustrator and poster designer Istvan Orosz. Beginning at 18 o’clock.

2019. október 7., hétfő


Dear CIIPE 21 Participants,
thank you all for your participation in the 21st Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition. This edition was a very strong show, with over 140 excellent posters from over 70 designers and artists from over 25 countries. The opening ceremony was well attended.
Our Honor Laureate and Judge for this year, Pekka Loiri, spent much of the week with students in the graphic design program at Colorado State University, conducting a workshop, a lunchtime roundtable with students, and delivering a wonderful presentation of his career and work, followed by a reception for an exhibition of selected posters of his.
On Friday, September 20, 2019, Pekka announced the Award Winners and Honorable Mentions for the 21st CIIPE:
Award Winners: Frank Arbelo — We Walk, Finn Nygaard— Art Blakey, Aarhus International Jazz Festival, Parisa Tashakori — Migration in Search of Freedom 
Honorable Mentions: Geray Gencer — Faces, Andrew Lewis— Solidarity + Independence, Istvan Orosz— Israel 70 
Congratulations to all the winners in the exhibition! Certificates for participating, and for the above winners, and a catalog will be mailed to you in the near future.
The exhibition will be on display on the Colorado State University campus until November 1, 2019. Again, congratulations, and thank you for taking part in this excellent showing of some of the best posters from around the world!
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, Jason Frazier, John Gravdahl, Phil Risbeck, Bob Coonts.

2019. szeptember 12., csütörtök


Albert Razin a doctor of philosophy and the director of Udmurt State University lit himself on fire protesting against Russia's language policies in Izhevsk, in the capital of Udmurtia. He was holding two signs reading "If my language dies tomorrow, then I'm ready to die today" and "Do I have a Fatherland?" The first words are from the poem Native Language by Rasul Gamzatov Avar poet. Here is the whole poem.

Native Language

Always all in a dream is a ridiculous is and strange.
An asleep was me today my death.
There is in the afternoon heat in the valley of Dagestan
With a lead in the breast I was lying motionless.

A rings river runs un-hartable.
Forgotten and I did not need to anyone
I was flattened on a dear earth
Before being myself a ground.

I am dying, but no one does not know
About it and will not come to me,
Only an eagles are screeching somewhere in a heaven
And a fallow deers moans somewhere aside.

And to weep over my grave
That I died in the prime years,
No mother, no a friend, no a darling,
What is really there - and a mourners no.

So I was laying, dying in a powerless
And suddenly heard is not afar
Two men walked and talked,
To me is own, on avar language.

There is in the afternoon heat in the valley of Dagestan
I was dying, and a people led a speech
About a tricks of some Hasan,
About an antics of some Ali.

And, vaguely hearing the sound of the native speech
I came to life, and the moment has come
When I understand that would cure me
Not a doctor, not a medicine man, but the native language.

Someone heals from a diseases
An another language, but to me on it it is not sing,
And if tomorrow my language disappears,
I am ready to die today.

I always feel sick to him,
Let say that my language is a poor,
Let no sounds from the rostrum of the Assembly,
But, native for me, for me, it's great.

And to understand Mahmoud, my heir
Do read the translation?
Shall I am, the writer of a last,
Who by an avar writes and sings?

I love a life, I love the whole planet,
In it everyone, even a small area,
And most of all the Country of a Councils,
About it I sang by an avar as I could.

I loved the edge of blooming and free,
From the Baltic to the Sakhalin - all.
I'd be lost anywhere,
But let me will bury in the earth here!

To have a grave plate near the village
An avars are remembered sometimes
By an avar word a countryman Rasul -
A successor of Gamzat from Tsad.

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