2017. november 7., kedd


It’s been exactly 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Russia, and with it, several thoughts and memories arise regarding the subject and protagonists of it. The Russian poster artist Serge Serov had the idea to initiate a call for posters, from all around the world, where designers can give their opinion and feelings towards this date, bringing really interesting results, being it positive, negative, neutral, or even making fun of it. Serge asked to use only red and white and black colors. 
I copy his message: Golden Bee Global Biennale of Graphic Design and Higher Academic School of Graphic Design are honored to invite you to participate in the Invitational Poster Campaign of the Global Poster Project "1917–2017" In that context a world exhibition tour showing 100 posters is planned, which will end as a special project at the Golden Bee 13 Global Biennale of Graphic Design. We invite 90 leading designers from around the world to create posters reflecting their attitude to this date. Posters should be digitally printed. File size 91 x 128 cm, vertical, 300 dpi, JPG, PDF. Special conditions the color scheme of the poster – red & black & white.
These are my posters: