2015. november 23., hétfő


or “Design x City” An International Invitational Poster Exhibition – organized by Taiwan Poster Design Association (TPDA) – will open in Taipei on 28th of November. The exhibition as one of the various design-related events for the World Design Capital Taipei 2016 aims at exploring new ideas on how design helps vitalize, transform and improve the city. A conference belongs to the show, the title of my lecture: Architecture as a Metaphor for Mental Framework. (Location: Taipei, The-Chun Art Gallery -National Taiwan Normal University).

臺北市獲選為「2016世界設計之都」,以「不斷提升的城市,設計實現生活願景」為主軸,積極運用設計推動城市的創新,以設計翻轉城市。設計師如何對城市 做出貢獻?設計如何活化城市、設計對城市、環境的價值?台灣海報設計協會邀請來自德國、瑞士、日本、美國、韓國、波蘭、匈牙利、俄羅斯⋯⋯等十多國設計師 參與,參展設計師有淺葉克己、岡本滋夫、杉崎真之助、靳埭強、劉小康、何見平、Uwe Loesch、Niklaus Troxler、Stephan Bundi、István Orosz、Henning Wagenbreth、Fons Hickmann、Boris Ljubicic、Gitte Kath⋯⋯等設計名家,提出他們的觀點,進行一場跨城市文化的設計交流,相互觀摩學習,藉以窺探來自各國的創意詮釋⋯⋯
開幕暨國際名家設計講座:2015. 11.28,10:00 AM~5:00 PM
展出時間:2015. 11.28- 12.3

2015. november 17., kedd


Dora asks: is there still someone in Mexico who is not familiar with the construction of anamorphosis? I Report: fewer and fewer. In Guadalajara at the Hard to Find Studio the workshop is completed and I can say, masterpieces were created. Mirror anamorphosis, perspective anamorphosis, tabula scalata, anamorphosis with double meaning, etc...Thanks to Paula, to Camilla, to Adolfo, to Inti and of course to Oswaldo for the organizing. By the way, do you know, what is most important about the anamorphoses? That is the right point of view. The eyepoint. Well, one of the students tattooed himself a drawing of my eye-design, in order not to forget it. Not bad. This is Mexico, and such things can be really loved. For more photos click to the facebook site of Hard to Find.

2015. november 4., szerda


Muestra de carteles y Conferencia
Dentro del Programa: “En tránsito, Proyectos itinerantes”
Fecha inauguración: 12 de noviembre 2015 a las 20:00 hrs
Fecha Clausura: 20 de Noviembre 2015
Lugar: Capilla Elías Nandino
Ex Convento del Carmen
Domicilio: Av. Juárez 638 Zona Centro, Guadalajara, Jal.