2010. január 7., csütörtök


...of the last year
The Debut Issue of Magic Box (edited by O2 Culture Creative Institution located in Beijing) themed PARADISE, presents more than 200 creations from about 100 artists, designers, illustrators and other professionals of over 30 countries. Every works are printed in individual papers. My work is on the cover of the box (the meaning of the message: "PARADISE is always in the OTHER SIDE"). There is also attached an exquisite booklet which introduces the creators and their works. In 2010 the Institution will organize PARADISE Crossover Creative Exhibition in major cities around China.

The Sad Tale of the Brothers Grossbart is a violent, wretched and darkly humorous landscape of the medieval Europe. I’ve read somewhere: "Grimmer-than-Grimm".
Jesse Bullington the author: "We are very much in agreement on the cover being a thing of beauty--I really, really lucked out that Orbit found the artist, Istvan Orosz, to do the cover, which is exactly what I wanted and so much more. I expressed an interest in a woodblock style image, as opposed to a matte landscape background with a couple of generic bearded guys on horses, and they seriously delivered with Orosz, who has a ton of beautiful piece up on his website (though it can take a minute to load)".

Arts et Mathesis Foundation promotes the interest in Mathematics as applied to the creation of fine arts. Ars et Mathesis publishes a magazine, organises meetings and produces a year book. In the last year the book contained the paintings of Monika Buch and my works. Text by Bruno Ernst and Rinus Roelofs.

EMZIN is Ljubljana's independent art centre located in the famous Metelkova dvor. (They are former military barracks of the Yugoslavian Army.) EMZIN has a beautiful magazine focused on the visual arts, primarily on photography, illustration and design. In the last issue (December, 2009) my portfolio was published.
The Coach. Beautifully designed magazine (subtitle: Hungarian Art and Soul Magazine) designed by Németh Csaba Elek. The motto is from Arthur Koestler: "Hungarians are the only people in Europe without racial or linguistic relatives in Europe, therefore they are the loneliest on this continent. This extraordinary Hungarianness perhaps explains the peculiar intensity of their existence... Hopeless solitude feeds their creativity, their desire for achieving, and their hysteria... To be Hungarian is a collective neurosis.” A collection of my artworks were published in the magazine and an essay: Landscapes of Time.
Decoding Design by Maggie Macnab is a new book that features some of my works as well. This is not just a picture book, but a deep look into the symbolic meanings of graphic designs. The book aims to discover the hidden meanings inside common logos and designs. The author Maggie Macnab is a leading graphic designer of the United States and professor of logo design and symbolism as visual literacy at the University of New Mexico.

István Orosz: Lessons on Semblances. Exhibition catalogue, Dom Museum, Pécs. Forewords by Kristóf Fenyvesi (First Lesson: The Eye of the Cyclops) and by György Darvas. The booklet was designed by Dóra.

Magyar művészet - Hungarian Art (Corvina)
István Orosz: The Drawn Time. The book was published by Tiara Press, edited by Katalin Bíró, designed by Attia Molnár, and written by this long list of authors: Margit Ács, Márton Barabás, Amos Cohen, Eszter Dobozi, Bruno Ernst, Shigeo Fukuda, György Haiman, György Kemény, Mihály Kornis, István Lénárt, László Márton, György Mészáros, Gáspár Nagy, Guy d’Obonner, Andrea Orosz, Sándor Reisenbüchler, Zsófia Ruttkay, Doris Schattschneider, Carol Stevens, Marta Sylvestrová, Géza Szőcs, Márton Takáts, Éva M Tóth, András Török, Tibor Wehner. Qua Art - Qua Science. Book about the lectures and exhibitions of Faculty Club of Twente University (2004-2008).Plakatens verden - World of Posters. Catalogue of the New Danish Postermuseum.

Masters of Today - Mot, London.

Masterpieces - Socio-political posters, National Gallery, Ljubljana.

The Wall in My Head - a new anthology of writing and images from the Eastern Bloc.

Mathematical Wizardry for a Gardner. Yearbook of the math and art assemble in Atlanta to pay tribute to Martin Gardner.