2018. május 25., péntek


It is hard to believe that there are no more printed releases to PRINT Magazine. The 2017 Winter Edition was the last hand-touchable copy of America's Graphic Design Magazine. My relationship with PRINT started in 1974 when I was a student at the Budapest Art and Crafts Academy. In that year our University was also invited to participate in the Print Student Cover Design Competition. I drew two works for the competition, and one of them, depicting insects that resembled letters, was the first in the competition. The reward was nothing else but I got the magazine for free for three years. Let me remind you, I lived in Budapest, in Hungary, on the other side of the Iron Curtain, and the sheet came from the free world. The postman came in every second month and I could see and read what happened in the field of the poster, of the illustration, of the typo-graphic design. Later, I was selected as one of the representatives of Hungary in numerous special issues of the magazine, the European Design Annuals. In 1994 Carol Stevens, one of Print's editors, and professor György Haiman published a rather long article on my works: "Smiting the Eye". I was also involved in the compilation of the Magazine's fiftieth anniversary with this title, "Print Student Cover Winners: Where are they now?" I knew many famous artists from the pages of Print Magazine before I met them in reality. For example Kálmán Tibor, Milton Glaser, Paula Scher. Probably due to my work published in Print I've been able to work on several American jobs and I could work on papers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Scientific American. Also Marzena, the Owner of Marlena Agency saw my works in Print Magazine and decided to invite me to his company. Thank you so much PRINT! Bye-bye.

2018. május 21., hétfő


The Tolerance Poster Exhibit curated by Mirko Ilic has been seen a whopping 29 times in 18 countries, with three more on the way. They include Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Dominican Republic, England, Holland, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Africa (video from Durban below), Spain, Ukraine and the U.S. At this time there are six shows in six countries open simultaneously: Austria, Croatia, England, Romania, South Africa, United Arab Emirates with the next three in Argentina, Finland and Turkey. It was shown By Steven Heller in Print Magazine too. Click here to see all the 47 posters.

2018. május 20., vasárnap


A grand-scale exhibition of Hungarian fine art and applied art is presented in Beijing at the Today Art Museum. The show is opened from 14 May until 10 June. List of the participants (in the Eastern name order): Aknay János, Antal Pál, Ardai Ildikó, Auth Attila, Árendás József, Bakos István, Baksai József, Balla Dóra, Barabás Márton, Baráth Ferenc, Bartha István, Bárd Johanna, Benedek Imre, Beszprémy Józsefné, Borkovics Péter, Bornemisza Rozi, Borza Teréz, Bujtor Tibor, Bukta Imre, Bulla Márta, Csáji Attila, Csepregi Sándor, Csíkszentmihályi Róbert, Domé Eszter, Dororgi Annamária, Elekes Károly, Faragó István, Farkas Anna, Farkas Ádám, Fekete György, Felsmann Tamás, Filep Sándor, Földi Péter, Gaál József, Gosztonyi Zoltán, Gyulai Líviusz, Halmai Edina, Haris László, Hauser Lilián Beáta, Hefkó Mihály, Hefter László, Hunyadi László, Isa Mariann, Jankovics Marcell, Jovián György, Kasza Miklós, Katona Anikó, Katona Szabó Erzsébet, Kálmán László, Kárpáti Tamás, Kelecsényi Csilla, Keresztes Dóra, Kerényiné Turjánszky Katalin, Kiss Ilona, Kiss István, Kovács Péter, Kókay Krisztina, Koós Pál, Kő Pál, Kulinyi István, Kunkovács László, Laczák Géza, Lajta Gábor, Lencsés Ida, Lukácsi László, M. Novák András, Makovecz Imre, Marosi Kriszta, Molnár Imre, Nagy Judit, Nagy Márta, Nádas Gergely, Néma Júlia, Németh Gábor, Orosz István, Pataki Tibor, Pauli Anna, Pázmándi Antal, Penkala Éva, Prutkay Péter, Rényi Krisztina, Rófusz Ferenc, Sára Ernő, Sárváry Katalin, Scherer József, Schrammel Imre, Smetana Ágnes, Stefanovits Péter, Szabó Marianne, Szabó Tamás, Szemadám György, Szenes István, Szőcs Miklós TUI, Szunyoghy András, Szurcsik József, Ujvárossy László, Üveges Péter, Vagyóczky Károly, Varga Mária, Varga Péter, Vereczkey Szilvia, Veress Sándor László, Véssey Gábor, Vinczeffy László.