2010. július 24., szombat


The Bridges Conferences, running annually since 1998, brings together practicing mathematicians, scientists, artists, educators, musicians, writers, computer scientists, sculptors, dancers, weavers, and model builders in a lively atmosphere of exchange and mutual encouragement. Important components of these conferences, in addition to formal presentations, are hands-on workshops, gallery displays of visual art, working sessions with artists who are crossing the mathematics-arts boundaries, and musical/theatrical events in the evenings. In this year the Bridges Conference will be held in Pécs, the Cultural Capital of Europe between 24 and 28 of July. My lecture will be on Monday 11:45 AM. Title: „Art with a Double Meaning - Poem and Poet from an Anamorphic Point of View” All other details are on the website of the conference.
As soon as Bridges finishes, the VIII. International Light Symposium will start. My lecture will be on Friday (30th of July) in the House of Arts (Széchényi tér 7-8) in the morning section. Title: Nothingness Depicted.