2014. november 24., hétfő


A map of Mexico in any case. (Under construction.)

2014. november 21., péntek


Lecture and poster designer workshop in Guadalajara at the „Hard to Find” design studio.

The poster is the art of the present tense. The message of a poster concerns with only one particular moment: it would be meaningless in an earlier time and would be invalid after the announced event, as it does not make any sense in other places. Posters are the genre of here and now - “hic at nunc” as the Latin words say, it is on the point of intersection of time and place, his fate is short-lived. Not all of the poster designers are happy with this characteristic of the poster, we envy the autonomous artists and also we dream to work for the eternity. I want to suggest to the students of the workshop to think together about the time-space-poster relation and to describe somehow his or her personal connection to the theme.

2014. november 14., péntek


Reported from Germany: „Hi Istvan, here are surprising news of the the resurrection of your 25 years old poster. You know 2014 is a historic year, it marks the 25th anniversary of the most significant event in recent German history: the Fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. Along the former course of the Wall a new temporary Berlin Wall was built with thousands of illuminated balloons. On the evening of 9th of November these balloons were released into the skies on the to commemorate the peaceful revolution and the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago."
At the same day an exhibition of Istvan Orosz and Sylva Tkotsch was opened in the Atelierhaus of Schwaan (in Germany, 2 hours from Berlin) and also Istvan had a talk about his works.

Reported from L.A.: "A Hungarian Film Festival starts today (14th of November) in Los Angeles. There are two of your animations in the program: Chess and The Drawer. For more details please visit this site."