2009. október 25., vasárnap


17 – 18 November: “EMZIN Visual Communication Seminar” in Kino Siska centre for Urban Culture (Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3) in Ljubljana.
Participants: Art Chantry from USA, Finn Nygaard from Denmark, Declan Stone from Amsterdam and István Orosz from Hungary.
My 3 hours lecture will begin on Wednesday, at 2pm. In the next day will be the opening ceremony of my poster show in Galerija Avla NLB, Trg republike 2. (The previous exhibitor was Milton Glaser.) Opening on Thursday, 19 November at 8 p.m. The exhibition will be on view from 19 November 2009 to 14 January 2010. The gallery is open every workday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.For more information and for registration visit the website of Kino Siska.

2009. október 15., csütörtök


AGI conference in Istanbul. The theme of the conference is “Beauty of Chaos”. The organizers write: this title represents the cultural cosmopolitism of Istanbul. I live with Anna in a hotel of Istiklal Caddesi that is the main shopping street of Galatasaray district. Well, this street is the embodied Chaos itself with vivid atmosphere and 24 hours trafic jam. The conference was held in the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University located on the European coast of Bosphorus. Some of the speakers: Jeffrey Fisher, Marian Bantjes, Nancy Skolos, Alex Jordan, Vladimir Chaika, Michel Bouvet, Stephan Bundi, Henry Steiner, Peter Till .... This photo was taken at the opening coctail of "Unplugged Faces" exhibition at Milli Reasürans Gallery.

2009. október 10., szombat


"Becoming famous in South America does not make one any less unknown.” (Jorge Luis Borges) My lecture was about the relation of time and space in posers. I described them as the genre of “hic at nunc”. Posters are on the point of intersection of time and place, they are said to be the art of “here and now”. The message of a poster concerns with only one particular moment: it would be meaningless in an earlier time and would be invalid after the announced event as it does not make any sense in other places. During the lecture a collection of my works were projected where the above mentioned kind of Time-Space-Poster intersection was dominating.
I am ready to admit that some of my posters in a sense have never been real posters at all. They do not fulfil their function if we expected them to be commercial posters and they are not sufficient applied graphic works if we expected them to compliance with clients. But I would like to believe that they begin to talk if we are interested in the age, in the world that was given to us to live in, if we should like to know how ideas were coming and going among the different fields of culture, how a theatre-message was communicated by the means of visuality, how literature was written further in the language of fine arts, and how the originally subordinate idea has become independent, equal and may be personal. If these poster-graphics had message, probably they will have it too, apart from borders and periods.

A message from Fort Collins CO (US), from the Award Ceremony of the 16. Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition (CIIPE 2009). The winners : first prize - Uwe Loesch (Germany) for Requiem, second prize - Ralph Schraivogel for emnants of Zurich Interiors, third prize - Leonardo Sonnoli (Italy) for 15, honorable mentions: István Orosz (Hungary) for IRAN, Luba Lukova (USA) for Health Coverage, Miroslaw Adamczyk (Poland) for Maria Stuart, Melk Imboden (Switzerland) for Rivera-Kahlo, Yuri Gulitov (Russia) for Calligraphy, Francois Caspar (France) for Louise, Savas Cekis (Turkey) for War & Peace