2013. november 1., péntek


Three exhibitions in Italy in one week:
Vedute del tempo (Time Sights) this is the title of the first exhibition, it will open on 7th of November (Thursday) in Rome at Collegium Hungaricum: the works of Liviusz Gyulai, Marcell Jankovics and István Orosz will be exhibited in the gallery of Palazzo Falconieri (via Giulia, 1) and also the animated films of them will be presented on the same evening.  

The second one is a poster show also in Rome at Collegium Hungaricum. It will be on 15th of November (Friday). The official opening starts on half past 7PM.   
The last one is on the following day (Saturday) it is a personal exhibition of István Orosz in Brescia at Galleria dell'Incisione (Via Bezzecca 4). Opening ceremony starts on 6PM. You are very welcome!