2009. április 27., hétfő


Today is the World Graphic Day. 27 of April is the anniversary of the founding of Icograda, the world body for graphic design (1963). It is a day to celebrate the profession of graphic and communication design.
Let me see what is on: I just received the catalog of the exhibition in Mexico selected and organized by Xavier Bermúdez: 120 carteles de finales del siglo XIX a principios del siglo XXI. See more here: http://www.bienalcartel.org.mx/expo_siglo_XX/galeria.htm
All The Art That's Fit To Print (and Some That Wasn't): Inside The New York Times Op-ed Page - this is the title of a new book edited by Jerelle Kraus and containing some of my illustrations. Yesterday was the opening of the VIIth International Triennale of environmental posters "4 - Block" in Kharkov (Apr 26 - May 03). There is a poster show in the Kunstmuseum in Cottbus: Humor – Plakate aus aller Welt. (8 April – 28 June) – the catalogue arrived some days ago with my two posters....and my exhibition in Budapest (Gaál Imre Gallery) closed yesterday.

2009. április 16., csütörtök


The exhibition of the INTERNATIONAL KEPES SOCIETY was opened today by Ernő P. Szabó in Gallery A22 (http://www.a22gallery.com)/
Some participants: BLEYENBERG Michael, BORTNYIK Éva, TUBÁK Csaba, CSÁJI Attila, F. FARKAS Tamás, HARIS László, HARASZTY István, KALMÁR János, KUCHTA Klára, LAUREMA Esa, LUX Antal LUGOSSY Mária, MATTIS-TEUTSCH Waldemar, MENGYÁN András, OOSTERHUIS Kas, LÉNÁRD Ilona, PÓCSI Ferenc. I exhibited the enclosed Moebius strip as endless animation. (You can see an other version of it in the elevator of The Escher Museum in The Hague: http://www.escherinhetpaleis.nl/)

2009. április 14., kedd


A selection of my short animated films will be presented at the Gaál Imre Gallery tomorrow at 5pm.
Among others you can see Mind the Steps, Time Sights, Black Hole-White Hole and the new one: Mazes.
Also you can visit my exhibition at the same place, which will be opened till 25th of April.
Location: 1203 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 39.
If you miss the films, you may see this site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD3qgSY5MPI&NR=1

2009. április 6., hétfő


The remains of the Orosz exhibition in Melbourne was transported from Glen Eira Gallery to Jackman Gallery (60 Inkerman Street, St. Kilda, Melbourne). The works will be exhibited there in the next three weeks. http://www.jackmangallery.com.au/home.html
The owner of the gallery is Frank Malerba a great painter. See his works here: http://www.frankmalerbacontemporaryart.com/home.html
Thank You Frank:-)

2009. április 3., péntek


On my way back from Australia before changing to the Budapest plane, I spent some hours in London and visited the Picasso-exhibition and of course The Ambassadors replaced to their original spot in the National Gallery (see the note of 9th of December 2008).
The Picasso exhibition (Challenging the Past) in the Sainsbury Wing is about the relationship of Picasso to the tradition of Western art. He painted many variations on well known works of European painting by Delacroix, Pussin, Manet, etc. In 1957 He produced more than 50 variations of Las Meninas by Velázquez. The first and largest piece of this series is exhibited too. A1! It is a pity that the original paintings that inspired Picasso are not here. May be Las Meninas is not borrowable from Prado?

Here is my variation of Las Meninas: My Meninas.