2009. augusztus 25., kedd


The Virtual Museum of Optical Illusions (established by Juan Luis Roldán) shows a lot of my works. The current on-line exhibition of the museum is about the "Skull Optical Illusions". The metamorphic skull has always been one of the most popular optical illusions. From the 19th century, artists and designers have been using this kind of image in postcards, comics, posters, advertisements or covers. Among more than fifty examples you can see the works of Charles Allan Gilbert, Bernhard Gutmann, Salvador Dalí, Octavio Ocampo, István Orosz and Norbert Jung. The exhibition is opened for visitors from August 2009 till July 2010. The show is on-line, but the catalogue is real. (The enclosed illustrations - and about hundred more etchings were made ... and will be made... for the new Hungarian/German edition of the book by Sebastian Brant: The Ship of Fools. You can see more illustrations here, or in the Hungarian Utisz blog.)

And two more death's heads.
After the launch of his last book "Make your own 3D Illusions" featuring one of my anamorphosis illustration, Gianni A. Sarcone published a new book on vintage and antique illusions in which he presented two of my skulls from the Narrenschyff. Title of the book: Curiopticals. (Carlton Books)

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Névtelen írta...

muy buen blog !!! saludos desde argentina

Juan Luis írta...

Thank for talking about the museum. Finally we couldn´t include Dalí an Ocampo works but anyway we think is a great collection! Regards!