2012. július 4., szerda


For those of you that will be tomorrow in Guadalajara, come and see the „Aqui y Ahora” (Here and Now) poster show in ITESO University. Nine members of the workshop started to work three weeks ago and tomorrow morning we will hang about 20 works in the open-air gallery of the Architecture faculty. Opening ceremony will start at noon. 
The title of the posters that we made at the workshop was "Here and now". They often refer to posters by these two words: hic at nunc, here and now, aquí y ahora, itt és most. This means that posters can only fulfill their function at a certain place in a certain time and get outdated very soon. They are not valid at another time or place. Those who are familiar with poster history know that this is not always the case. Posters may become universal independently from time and location - at least good ones. Then it is no more the actual event that is important but the person behind the poster, who makes these works authentic. These pictures leave their original functions behind and the commissioned pieces become autonomous works of art. They get space and other further dimensions, they sublimate. At the workshop the nine participants have designed such posters that reflect on poster design itself and try to interpret the idea of time and space with visual means. 
Let me write the name of the students and colleagues: Enriqe, Diana, Sergio, Hugo, Irma, Diego, Liliana, Ignacio, Fernanda.

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