2012. július 25., szerda


I just received the recently published book: The Art of Illusion (An Imagine Book published by Charlesbridge). Among others, the works of M. C. Escher, Sandro del Prete, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, Rafal Olbinski, Dick Thermes and Rob Gonsalves are in the collection. Ten of my works are included too. The great puzzle designer and ambigram artist Scott Kim wrote the foreword. Here are two of his explanations:
This sculpture by István Orosz changes appearance depending on where you stand. From one point of view, the black and white lines drawn on the stairs appear to be a man walking down the stairs. From another point of view, the colored areas align to form the legs of a man walking up the stairs.
Here is a lovely drawing of a classic staircase illusion by the versatile István Orosz in which the diagonal lines are alternately interpreted as edges or creases. Note that the stairs are not shaded; all of the dimensional information comes from the shadows and the way people and objects sit on the stairs.

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